Peter Tassiopoulos is the President of Sphere 3D Inc., a virtualization technology solution provider. Peter has over 20 years of experience in finance, business development, and sales management, and has built global distribution networks and marketing alliances in telecom, IT, software and hardware manufacturers.

Currently, Peter is working with Sphere 3D, known for the development of the multi-patented Glassware 2.0™ technology. Glassware 2.0™ makes it possible for incompatible devices and applications to run over the cloud, without sacrificing performance or security. The technology lets third parties deliver fully-featured products to any cloud-connected device no matter its operating systems or hardware. Peter has led Sphere 3D since 2013, and by the end of the year, it ranked as one of the TSX Ventures top performers for 2013. The following year, Sphere 3D completed a $70M acquisition of Overland-Tandberg in December, and Peter stayed on as President and Vice Chairman of the company.

Before he began leading operations at Sphere 3D, Peter held leadership roles focusing mostly on companies in the technology and healthcare IT industry space. As one of the company’s original founders, Peter served as the CEO for IgeaCare Systems Inc. from 2003 to 2008. He was in charge of expanding the business from 4 employees to more than 120 staff members, and sales grew to roughly $20 million annually with his guidance.

Another leadership position Peter has held was that of COO for Biosign Technologies. He was tasked with setting and managing the overall strategy and direction of the company, and for leading strategic planning, marketing and sales, operations and R&D efforts there. Peter also directed the FDA approval for Biosign’s core technology, which was acquired by Cloud DX after his departure, and which has won numerous awards as one of the world’s most advanced medical devices.

Throughout his career, Peter has advised both startups and mature companies and organizations, and worked with an extensive number of companies in various verticals — including but not limited to technology, IT, mining, and gaming. He has led numerous M&A transactions and helped raise in excess of $200 million of capital for organizations, from early seed rounds through to senior lending facilities.

Peter has also had the opportunity to speak about many technology and health-related topics in addition to his leadership responsibilities. In February 2011, he was invited to speak at the "Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope….Imagining the Possible” at the United Nations, and he was also a speaker and panel member at “Confronting the Diseases of Poverty to Meet the MDGs: “Digital Health and African Development”, also held by the UN.

Peter was a member of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society, or “CHES”, from 2005 to 2009, and he also served as a delegate for the 2005 “White House Conference on Aging”. Additionally, in 2008, Peter served as a panel member on mobile health management at the Private Sector Partnership “Windsor Castle Dialogues” round table held at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.